Sculptra Aesthetic injectable is used to activate the skin's natural regenerative process and help replenish lost facial collagen. Collagen is a protein in the body that helps support the skin's inner structure. By restoring collagen, it fills out shallow-to-deep wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, and it lifts the cheeks reducing cheek wrinkles. Injections with Sculptra have been shown to reduce wrinkles, firm the skin, and improve skin quality.

Sculptra Aesthetic‘s main component is an alpha hydroxy acid called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a safe and long-lasting synthetic (artificially created), biocompatible (can be used harmlessly in the body), biodegradable (able to be broken down by the body) substance. PLLA has been used for more than 20 years in many surgical products, including dissolvable sutures and soft-tissue implants.

Benefits of Sculptra 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved for the treatment of nasolabial folds and cheek wrinkles, Sculptra Aesthetic is considered safe and effective for most patients.  Because it works gradually, patients achieve a more youthful, natural-looking appearance with subtle, yet noticeable, results.  Although not FDA-approved to treat them, Scluptra Aesthetic can be used in other areas of the face and body for the same collagen stimulating effect.  There is little to no downtime after receiving Sculptra injections, and most patients return to their normal activities immediately.

Radiesse Butt Lift

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxylapatite filler that can be used to add fullness to the buttocks. Plumping your buttocks nonsurgically with Radiesse can be used for cosmetic purposes. The Radiesse butt lift, which is a nonsurgical procedure, involves the injection of a calcium hydroxylapatite filler into each of the buttocks. While this is off label, it is considered a safe alternative to plastic surgery.

Side Effects of Collagen Stimulating Fillers

Possible side effects of Sculptra and Radiesse injections include localized bleeding, tenderness, discomfort, redness, bruising, and swelling. Side effects usually fade within a few days, although can last longer. Other side effects may include lumps or bumps under the treated area. Some larger lumps, and some with delayed onset with or without inflammation or skin discoloration have also been reported. Your injector will do everything within their power to try to prevent these side effects from happening.

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